I’m Sick! Can I still come in for my massage?

I hope this message finds you all well and healthy! It’s snowing but I’m feeling motivated to do something productive other than laundry, so why not blog? I’ve been getting this question a lot lately so let’s talk about it. “I’m sick! Can I still come in for my massage?”

As you may know, there are a TON of sick people in Colorado right now. There’s respiratory illness going around and around again, the stomach flu is going through, as well as the regular flu. There are a shortage of beds at the hospitals here in Colorado,  causing people to be sent to other states to be taken care of.

I'm sick

Stay above the wellness line

I’ve been sick this year, you’ve been sick, everyone I know has been sick at least once, and we need to be doing everything we can to be proactive about our health and staying above the wellness line rather than chasing it after we’ve fallen ill.

I’m using Young Livings Super C, Inner Defense, and Life 9 Probiotic supplements, as well as the amazingly beneficial antioxidant and anti inflammatory, Ningxia Red juice. The Thieves line had a whole host of products, including Thieves essential oil, hand purifier, and Thieves cough drops to help stay above the wellness line.

And, I’m asking people who are below the line to stay home. We need to protect those around us as well.

Here are a few clues that you shouldn’t come in for your massage…in fact stay home and away from everyone else!  Get well! Keep others well!

  • If you have a fever.  Fevers are created in the body to fight infection. Infections are contraindicated for massage. The moving of the circulatory systems through massage, can cause the infection to spread into other areas of  your body.
  • If your fever has been coming and going, or has not been gone for AT LEAST 24 hours, you are still contagious.
  • If you are coughing, sneezing or having to blow and wipe your nose frequently. I am usually touching your entire body, including your hands and face. So if you’re hands aren’t clean you’re spreading your germs to me and into the air in the massage room.
  • If you have body aches or extreme fatigue associated with illness stay home, though you probably won’t want to be touched anyway.
  • Do you really feel bad? Most of us know when we should stay home. We just want the OK from someone else to rid us of our guilt. I get it! And why do we feel guilty when we’re sick anyway? Our silly society has made it so at a risk of self care and care for others too.  When you’re sick, your body is saying, “REST PLEASE! Take care of me please! Pay attention to me please!”
  • The flu typically comes on fast and is contagious for 5-7 days so if you’re not at that 5-7 day mark, you’re probably still contagious.
  • Colds come on slower, taking a few days to develop and are usually only contagious the first day or two.
  • Treat others as you would yourself. If you were locked in a small room with someone who felt as bad as you do, would you wish they had stayed home?

Why I can’t work while sick like some can.

Being a massage therapist, touching people all day, I can’t just come to work with my nose running, coughing and with a fever and hope those around me won’t get sick because we’re separated by cubicle walls as barriers.  I also can’t even tolerate the thought of touching people when I’m sick. It’s an energetic thing and makes me nauseous to consider giving the energy I need to heal away to someone else.

I love you, and I love that you want your massage and don’t want to cost me money, but when I get sick, it’s not just one hour of pay I lose. It’s days worth of pay until I can feel better enough to touch people again!

So, please stay home, get well and reschedule soon when we can both enjoy the experience.

Carrie Bohlmann – Owner/Massage therapist – Body Heal Thyself Massage Therapy

Young Living Independent Distributor #375114 


Discount Massage Gift Certificate

Does it seem like time just gets away from you, and there’s not enough hours in the day to finish your shopping and wrapping?  No time for an awesome gift? You’re in luck, because you can still give an amazing gift with a massage gift certificate, and save a little money too!

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massage gift certificate
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Send your loved ones in to see me for some much needed relaxation and healing,  and I’ll send them home refreshed and grounded.

With wishes for a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and most amazing 2018!

Carrie Bohlmann

$15 discount on your massage

Happy holidays to everyone! I hope you’re all in festive moods! If not, come in and see me for a massage but first, see below how to receive a $15 discount on your massage. Let me help relieve some of your stress, bring you some joy, and get you into the holiday spirit. Not only is massage amazing for this, but… I also have oils for all of that! Joy!  Christmas Spirit! Stress Away! And many more.

$15 discount on your massage

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I am supporting Families Forward Resource Center‘s toy drive to bring toys to families that have fallen upon hard times.

Lately in Denver with so many people moving into the state and prices of rent and houses rising, many lower income families are struggling! They’re being pushed out of their homes and neighborhoods and don’t have anywhere to go or other means of help. I’d like to help them this holiday season, because as you know, the fun things are the first to go when struggles arise, and kids shouldn’t have to go without at Christmas time.

Families Forward Resource Center has been helping families in the Northeast Denver, and North Aurora area since 1995, and the need is growing. About 20 new families per week are coming in!

Families Forward’s vision is a safe, healthy and prosperous communities in northeast Denver and north Aurora.

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Why essential oils? It’s more than they just smell good

I know everyone is talking about essential oils, and if you’ve been around me, you’ve probably said, “Carrie, you smell so good! What is that?” because I am always wearing oils. You’re wondering what’s all the rage? Don’t they just smell good? Why essential oils instead of perfume? I’ll tell you why… they’re life changing! No perfume has ever changed my life, increased my productivity, increased the income in my business, enhanced my mood, but my oils have! And they continue to help me thrive!

So, of course, they smell good, but it’s more than that.  Essential oils are made from the life blood of the plant they are distilled from.  An essential oil is the part of the plant that keeps it protected from harm. The oil is steam distilled or cold-pressed (extracted) from the plant, then bottled to sell for use for our health! Again, for our health!! BUT… you must make sure you are buying the best quality.

Since there are so many on the market I’ll share with you my reasons for using the oils I choose to use in my practice and for my life, Young Living.

In the U.S. for an essential oil to be called essential oil, it need only have 5% of the actual oil in the bottle. So what that means is that some companies will put a little bit of EO in the bottle and fill the rest with “fragrances” or other additives to top it off. (Fragrance is a word used companies can use claiming trade secret that keeps us from knowing what ingredients are actually in products.)

Or it may mean that some companies will use alcohol or other methods when extracting the oil to increase the yield they get from the plant, so now you’ve got chemicals in your oils. So if companies aren’t putting 100% pure essential oils into their bottles, then what are we actually inhaling and putting on our bodies? This is my concern. And while we can’t get rid of all the environmental toxins out there, we can control what we use in our homes and on our bodies to support our health and wellness.

Young Living has a Seed to Seal promise that says from the seed that’s put into the ground to the seal on the bottle, there is nothing but 100% pure oils or ingredients, farmed naturally and ethically, extracted and distilled properly, for a purpose, not a profit! This is important when you’re wondering Why Essential Oils, because what’s the point of using oils instead of medications or over the counter products that contain chemicals, if the oils we use have chemicals in them?

And because essential oils are used for not only our physically health, but they also evoke feelings, help control emotions, calm mental states, support the body’s many systems, immune, digestive, integumentary (skin), uplift grumpy moods, help us sleep better, and so much more, we need pure products that work!

I’d used a few oils here and there in my business before using Young Living and I didn’t think they worked, and now I know why! Since I got my Young Living starter kit to use for my clients, my life has done a 180 degree change, and my clients love them! And I love making a difference in peoples lives and helping them to feel better with preventative health care methods, including essential oils, and massage.

Why Essential Oils

I share these oils, and use them in my business because they are the real deal! They are changing health, lives, wealth, motivation, relaxation, purpose, abundance, everything!  This is Why Essential Oils! Ask what oils can help you in your next massage or sign up as a Young Living member to bring these amazing wellness bottles into your own home!

Young Living Independent Distributor #3751114

Practicing Self Care

Well, I’m off to vacation in 9 days!  I’ll be gone for three weeks to Europe and I’m so excited! Not only to travel and see new places, but to rest. I am just sitting here thinking of how vacation is important for healing your mind and body, and for recharging your soul! It’s so important to make sure to practice loads of self care in our lives. How are you doing with practicing self care?

practicing self care
While I’m working hard this last month and all my appointments have been booked up, I did not overwork myself like I usually do before vacation, so that feels really good. I’ve definitely done a better job of practicing self care pre-vacation, and not being so  fearful about finances, so I’ve started the healing process ahead of time, rather than running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, which has been my past M.O.

Whether I’m doing relaxing Swedish massage or digging in with Deep Tissue massage, my job is very physical, so I need to practice a lot of self care to be able to keep going.  I talk to my clients about practicing self care all the time and then, I don’t do as much as I should! Does that sound familiar to you? Life is busy! I have two businesses to take care of, dogs, workouts, friendships to participate in, family time, etc.. See how easy it is to forget to be good about self care?

Here’s what happened a couple of months ago when I let life get the best of me and stopped practicing self care.

I was working like crazy, letting my clients set my schedule, which meant I hadn’t been to the gym for a while. I hadn’t been to the chiropractor in 5 weeks or to see my massage therapist. I was trying to fit everything in to every day. I was staying up too late and not eating at proper meal times. It was  all just too much! I bent down one day to feed my dogs and my back locked up on me! It hadn’t locked on me in almost  two years since I started going to Cross Fit Deco. I was so bummed!

As I was getting my emergency massage to loosen up my back, I realized that I had done this to myself by not taking the time for self care. When was the last time I’d done Yoga? When did I meditate last? Everything had fallen apart and I needed to get back on track.

That was in May and I’ve done much better since then. I’m back to the gym, back to regular massages and chiropractic. I’m going to bed earlier and eating at appropriate times. I’m spending time alone and recharging which is a big thing for me. I’m an introvert and I don’t recharge by being around a lot of people or always being on the go. I have to honor that in me.

I think vacation is the best kind of self care! I get to honor that free spirit that doesn’t like to stay put for too long and that believes there’s just so many amazing things to see in the world.  I’m planning on just going with the flow; not packing too many things into each day. I’m going to take in the local culture and fill up!  Do you think of vacation as self care? Are you taking the time your workplace gives you? If not, why not? I truly believe vacation is important for healing.

This Darren Daily video was the “daily” text on Friday http://bit.ly/2hksrdV.  I was shocked to hear the statistics on unused vacation time in the US! It’s ridiculous how many people don’t take their paid time off.

There’s also some great info for my Cross Fitters, and other athletes in the video on the way some Olympians like to train their bodies, and the rest they need to perform at the highest level. It’s a short video so check it out, then schedule your vacation and self care time.

And while you’re taking that vacation, come in for a deep tissue massage to get those kinks out and get new blood flowing into the muscles to help you heal your mind, body and soul! Just remember I’m not back to work until September 15th.

90 minute massage is always better

Did you know I give a 90 minute massage as well as 60 minutes? I know you love your 60 minutes so just think how much more you’d love your 90 minutes!

Are  you thinking a 90 minute massage is too much of a splurge? I mean, you hardly have time in your hectic schedules for 60 minutes right?

Let me tell you why you should always get a 90 minute massage.

  1. When I give a 60 minute massage I get a chance to touch on all parts of your body for 90 minute massagesure! But, if you had particularly tight neck and shoulders, or are having sciatic pain in your glutes or legs, or cramping in your calves, there’s nt enough time to work on those tough areas, get them to release and then get to everything else. So you may leave still feeling like your pains have been untreated.
  2. On the other hand, if we just focus on those tough areas to make sure to get them released, then the rest of the body feels left out. And the rest of the body doesn’t get the chance to integrate with the changes we’ve affected in the trouble spots.
  3. Did you know how long it takes many people to just relax and calm down once they are on the massage table? Maybe you’re a pro at relaxing, but most people aren’t. They usually rush to their appointments, come in at the last second possible, then hurry up and undress and climb under the sheets, heart still racing, mind still spinning from work, and the drive and the parallel parking drama!  Finally, about 30 minutes through they start to relax. And the massage is half way over! Darn it! If only they’d booked a 90 minute massage instead of a 60 minute, then they could really let go.
  4. A 90 minute massage is only $30 more than a 60. That’s like one less night at the beer garden, or 1 less night at the movie theater per month. That’s less than your monthly budget for Starbucks and money way better spent than drinking sweet, sugary, caffeine filled drinks.
  5. Massage is NOT a splurge whether it’s a 60 or 90 minute massage! Massage is preventative health care. Massage keeps your body in good working order. It relaxes your mind and calms your Central Nervous System. It promotes a mind/body connection. It helps keep you flexible to avoid injury and heal easier from injury. How is that a splurge? I know some people never slow down! They don’t ever take time to just sit and relax. And many people don’t get to experience the benefit of having someone take care of the for 5 minutes, much less 90. You owe it to yourself, and your health to lay down on this table and be taken care of!
  6. It takes you just as long to get here for 60 minutes as for 90 minutes, so you might as well get the best bang for your buck!
  7. You are worth it! You are absolutely worth spending $100 for a 90 minute massage. You’d spend that for a new outfit, or a night on the town. Do those have the lasting benefits of massage? Nope!

So book yourself a 90 minute massage, let me pamper and take care of you at least once per month. Your body and increased health with thank you for it!

Massage as preventative healthcare!

II have such a gratifying job! When people walk out of my office, telling me they feel so much better than when they came in, or they can move their neck, or their stress level has decreased significantly, I feel so happy and accomplished. Using massage as preventative healthcare not only helps you, but it makes my day and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to help people like I do.

My goal in my business is to be able to help more people heal naturally, and to see the benefits of practicing massage as preventative healthcare, rather than what I like to call, reactive healthcare.

In the state of the country right now, healthcare is a back and forth yo-yo, depending on who’s in charge. Instead of reacting to what’s going to happen and what benefits we might lose or gain or whatever, what if we focused on what we CAN control?

There is no one size fits all healthcare plan. What’s good for some people is not going to be good for others.  For me, a person who doesn’t ever visit the Dr., being forced to buy insurance or pay a fee doesn’t fit my lifestyle.

As I choose to spend my money on preventative healthcare, like massages, chiropractic care, a gym membership, organic foods, various kinds of alternative healers, and Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils to support my health, those fees or health insurance premiums I won’t use, really cut into my healthcare budget.

I say all this, not to start a discussion about what is the right insurance plan and policy, but to discuss WHAT YOU CAN DO, no matter what the political yo-yo has brought our way at this moment.

How can you take care of yourself and stay above the wellness line? What can you do to avoid the rising cost of medication? What can you do to avoid those high deductibles? What can you do so that you don’t have to worry about all the pre-existing conditions?

You already know the answers to these things. But isn’t it time to start putting these into practice so we can take control of our own healthcare?

  • Eat well. God given foods. Use food as medicine. Buy Organic. NO low or no fat foods. Cut down on processed foods. Shop on the outside of the store. Cut back on sugar.

massage as preventative healthcare

  • Exercise often! Take walks. Stay healthy by staying fit. If you’re overweight, lose some! It’s so important. Your spine will thank you!
  • Meditate to reduce the stress in your life. Quiet your mind.  The mind/body connection is so strong! Your mind will manifest dis-ease in your body if you don’t take care of it.
  •  Sleep well every day! Have a hard time sleeping? I have an oil for that! Let’s talk.
  • Make good choices.  Again…mind body connection is strong.
  • Get massages regularly. Massage as preventative healthcare keeps your body and it’s systems functioning well. Avoid over use or fatigue by keeping up with your body work. Lessen stress by spending and hour or two every couple of weeks taking care of you!
  • Go to therapy or seek some kind of help for whatever vice you may have, or whatever insecurities, or emotions are holding you back. Those create dis-ease too.
  • Use Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils to support all your bodies systems and to change brain patterns. They really work! You can change negative habits or things holding you back by smell! Please contact me to talk about making this natural, healing lifestyle change. Independent distributor #3751114

There are many ways I can help you to be proactive in your healthcare, including using massage as preventative healthcare.  Let’s talk! Come in for your next massage or lets get a coffee. I want to help!

I want us to focus on healing naturally and not worrying about the other stuff. Let’s spend our money getting better before the disease strikes. Or if it already has, let’s talk about what you can do to support it. I have many ideas, referrals and a good ear for listening.

Wishes of love and health.


Monthly Massages! Get on a schedule

Monthly massages are good for both of us!

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly massages times booked out regularly, in advance are more important now than ever!

I have a lot of new clients lately, which I am so grateful for, and SO many of them have come from referrals from my existing clients, which means the world to me! My clients really have helped me grow into the successful business I desire to be. Because of this, I have implemented a new referral policy to thank them for their help. $20 off your next massage for any referral who books with me!
Monthly Massages

People are more efficient when we’re on schedules. Even for massage.

Let’s talk about why this is good for both of us.

For you, regularly scheduled massages would make sure that time doesn’t just slip away from you, which is what happens in busy lives. And you know how important monthly massages are! You’d get your massage right on time, helping with your preventative healthcare routines, keeping you in tip top workout shape, keeping your stress and anxiety levels at a minimum, and helping you to make sure you’re taking care of  YOU! As well as getting you in at the time that works best for your schedule.

For me, if you had your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly massages booked out, I could rest easier knowing that I’m being able to see those clients who have made me into a successful business, in a timely manner. I could also plan my gym time, and friends and family time a bit easier. It would be a win win for both of us!

I can make it easier for you to book multiple appointments. I have the ability to book you the second Thursday of the month at noon, or every other Monday at three. Whatever your pleasure!
Let me know next time you come in, or call me, and we’ll get it set up!

In the meantime, make sure you’re on the schedule in the next few weeks. Evening and weekend appointments are booked out about 2 weeks now. Claim your space!

Mind-Body-Emotional Connection

I feel like if I could explain the importance of the Mind-Body-Emotional Connection, in words, as deeply as I feel it, know it and have experienced it, I’d be wealthy beyond imagining. Mind-Body-Emotional Connection

Everyone would want to rub my head to get some of what I know in my heart to be true. I will try to explain it as best I can. Some of it may sound a bit weird and be way out of your comfort zone. Some of it may be old news to you and as comfortable as a cozy bed. This is what I know from my own personal experience, intuition,  about the mind-body-emotional connection, and why I call my business Body Heal Thyself Massage Therapy.

I am not saying that if you get massages you will be magically healed, as with Harry Potters wand; though I do have some great stories under my belt.  This article is more about mindfulness and experiencing  a mind-body-emotional connection, that getting in touch with your body regularly, can help you to experience more frequently. Massage is also, not the only way to accomplish this, and I’ve provided you with links to some of my trusted colleagues/caretakers, that help me along my healing journey.

It’s totally a journey.  I wish I could go back from the beginning and do a timeline from the first natural healing experience I had and show you how it’s snowballed into this amazing path, not only of healing physically, which is what I had hoped for, but emotionally, and mentally as well, without that being the intention.

I’ll be honest that, at times, it has been painful.  Not physically usually, because I am not highly tolerant of pain and do not like to participate in therapies that are physically painful, but it’s been emotionally painful, or at least emotionally challenging. But when the student is ready, the teacher appears, so they say, and you never know how it’s going to come about.

Again, this is what I intuitively know and have experienced, rather than a compilation of links to studies that can prove what I’m saying.  This is me and my beliefs as pure, raw and “Me” as they get.

So… mind-body-emotional connection. Why is it important?

Our bodies have been through a lot in our lifetimes. Even when we were small, we still experienced many things.  Traumas, physical or emotional. Parents leaving, permanently or just for vacation. Birth. (This is a traumatic experience for sure, if you think about it.  Leaving the safety, quiet and comfort of your mothers womb to enter into the world where it’s bright and loud. Then have your life source to that amazing woman cut off, and being left to survive on your bodies own inner workings for the first time. Possibly to be taken away from Mom to an incubator, or maybe even to another family.) Talk about trauma!

I also believe we even come into this life carrying things from past lives; unresolved issues that keep coming with us until we figure them out.  You don’t need to agree with me on this, to continue reading. That’s not what this article is about.

The point is, all these trauma’s are stored in our bodies, whether it be in the organs, the tissues, the skeletal structure, the Central Nervious Systems (CNS), and they can stay there until released. The catch is we may not always even know they are there. We may have an idea that, for some reason, we can’t seem to have a healthy intimate relationship, or our back is always hurting, or we can’t sleep at night. We might know there is something amiss. But we don’t know what to do about it, or maybe all the things we’ve tried have not worked.  Maybe we’ve turned to prescription medication to help.  Maybe surgery. Maybe we’ve just given up and decided we’ll always be in pain.

When you’re getting in touch with your inner self, and connecting all the pieces of you through massage, energy work, meditation, breathing techniques, aromatherapy, color therapy, etc., then you are allowing your body to integrate, reach deeply into the core of you, and get to know who you really are and what’s really holding you back.  When we get in touch this way, we open ourselves up to the miracle of giving the body the ability to self-correct and heal itself. It’s an amazing process.

One case in point. I’ve got many.

I began seeing the chiropractor, Dr. Jacob Fletcher of Well Being Chiropractic, who works with the members of my gym, Cross Fit Deco.  My neck had been killing me and I knew it was way out of whack. We took some X-rays and I got to see exactly where 4 of my cervical vertabrea were not working properly, so I purchased an intesive, (the first 6 weeks were 3 times per week)  therapeutic 12 week package from him and we began work to start correcting this problem. (Luckily I wasn’t to the point of it being too late to fix it.)

During the 12 weeks, as my CNS began to reset itself, I noticed while doing squats at the gym, that my hip flexors weren’t working properly – they weren’t firing-  so when I was doing squats the wrong muscles were engaging and I wasn’t having the power I could’ve had.  So I stared asking my hip flexors, (actually talking to them) “What are you holding onto? What do you need to let go of to begin to function properly?” And I listened.

While working that day and intentionally trying to engage my hip flexors, a memory from the 4th grade about my behavior to my dance partner for a Cinco de Mayo dance came to mind. That memory has shamed me since that day, 34 years ago, and the emotion I have had around that memory all these years has been so incredibly intense and painful to me.

As I sat with that memory I felt an “unwinding” (literally) in my hip and a “letting go” so powerful that I had a new freedom of movement in my hips!  And the most incredible thing was that the shame and intensity of the memory disappeared!  I mean, GONE!  I no longer cry when I think of it. I no longer feel guilty when I think of it.  I am also, no longer afraid to go dancing! I didn’t even know that was why I was so trepidatious about dancing.  See…the mind-body-emotional connection? The mind remembers a memory, the emotional reaction to that memory is intense and causes a physical, bodily limitation. Wow!

The physical result of this (which if you can feel me energetically, you’ll be able to tell) isn’t nearly as exciting as the emotional aspect of it, but important all the same, is that I can now fire my hip flexors and am in the process of training them how to work again – or maybe for the first time.  I can now squat over a porta potty. I’ve never been able to do that before. HAHA! It was physically impossible for me.

This is the power of a mind-body-emotional connection.

I took no medication.  I had no talk therapy session. I had no surgery. I had no physical therapy, (though I know of a great one when you need one).   I just got really in touch with my body and let it reset itself, talk to me, and heal itself to amazing and surprising results.

If you’ve kept reading this far, thank you. This is Me.  My beliefs, my values, my life.  I’m super passionate about natural healing and finding ways to share that with the people in my life.

There are some things I personally can help you with, and some things I can’t.  But one thing I can help you with, for sure, is helping you get in touch with your mind-body-emotional connection, if you’ll let me.  And my suggestion would be, the more frequent you can do this the better. Come in for a monthly massage (at least). Tell me you want to get really connected and we’ll cater your massage to help you do so.  You’ll get connected anyway, but when you focus with intentionality, the results will be amazing. More centering, honoring and purposeful. Deeper.

Leaving you with wishes for health and love.

Word of the Year

Have you heard about the new fad going around about the Word of the Year? Choosing a word to represent you or your goals for the new year has become very popular lately. Did you choose one? If so, what did you choose, and why? I’d love to hear about it!

I decided to go ahead and choose a Word of the Year for 2017 and the word I chose was commitment, because I need to be more committed to many things in my life. For instance, I do a great job of working at my business, but I don’t do a great job of working on my business. I also make a lot of commitments that I end up breaking. Such as, “I will go to the gym 5 times this week”.  “I will not eat sugar this week”, etc.
What ended up happening, though, is every time I thought of my Word of the Year, commitment, it felt like such a burden! Commitment! Blah! Drudgery! Yuck! It was not very motivating.

So, I made a post on Facebook asking if my friends set New Years resolutions and how they went about accomplishing them. I got some great ideas and suggestions, a few of them listed below.

  • Set daily goals and review them through out the day.  Use The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day
  • Daily gratitude lists, morning and night, and upfront goals
  • Selecting a theme and using daily meditations on that theme to let life unfold naturally
  • Making small goals and taking them like baby steps. Once one is completed, step it up a bit

My favorite idea though, was to use Jada Teta’s Totem Word exercise to find my Word of the Year.

The idea is to choose a Word of the Year that inspires you. Not a word to motivate you. What is the difference? And how do you choose the right word?

Jada says, “Motivation is borrowed, inspiration is not. Let me explain.

The definition of motivate is: “to provide someone with a motive for doing something”

The definition of inspire is: “to fill someone with the urge or ability to do something”

Can you see the difference? Motivation requires giving someone a reason to act. The definition seems to suggest the person being motivated has to be convinced to act, but does not do it of their own accord.

Inspiration implies the person has taken on the desire and internalized it. They are given both the urge and ability to act. It comes from within.”

I love this!

Using Jada’s exercise of looking at my heroes and what qualities they have that are most inspiring to me, I realized a great, inspirational word for me would be Radiance! Isn’t that more exciting? So instead of feeling like it’s so hard to commit to the things in life, I am feeling inspired to do the things that would bring about radiance!

I would definitely be more radiant if I went to the gym more often.  I would be more radiant if I ate less sugar and more healthy foods. I would be more radiant if I did the things I needed to do for my business, rather than feeling bad that I hadn’t. See what I’m talking about? Can you feel the difference in the energy?

So I’m working on being radiant! If you notice it in me, let me know! And let me know what your Word of the Year is so I can help you to reach your goals in whatever way I can. Especially if your goals include a healthier, happier body, I can definitely be of assistance to you!  With many massage modalities on hand, like Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, CranioSacral Therapy and Aromatherapy, I can help with many issues, including insomnia, depression, anxiety, neck and back pain, sciatica and many more. Word of the Year