by Mary Gallagher on Body Heal Thy Self Massage Therapy

Carrie has the gift of touch


I've been having massages for many years now, and Carrie is the best. She truly has the gift of touch and her hands seem to know exactly the amount of pressure needed at each point in my body. She is so amazing and even after 90 minutes on the table, I want more. I come back for more every month, and after coming to Carrie, and can even imagine going to anyone else. Thank you so much Carrie!

by Stella on Body Heal Thy Self Massage Therapy
God send

Carrie invited me today to let her try a new technique she learned in a new massage therapy class.

I went in with expectations of being relaxed and relieved from stress. The technique involved gentle pressure on several key points on my body. Carrie said I might get an emotional response and her advice was ," To just let it happen." As she applied pressure to different areas I did become relaxed and had a sort of out of body experience. Amazing!

Once she completed the technique, she said to get up slowly, I did. She asked how I felt and I said, "Relaxed and a little like spaghetti." Again Carrie told to take my time before going out of the room. When I got out of the room, I rolled my head around as I had done so many times before in agony. I had not mentioned before, I have suffered from Chronic pain for over 20 years because of numerous car accidents and subsequent surgeries. I have neuropathy from a surgery where the doctor severed my S-1 Nerve route, fibromyalgia, essential tremors, Chronic Pain Syndrome and arthritis. After Carrie applied her technique and I rolled my head, I realized, I had NO pain! My eyes welled up and I told Carrie, " I have no Pain!" I went upstairs and my cousin asked how I felt and the dam broke! I cried and told her I had no pain after all of these years!

As I've lived live with chronic pain it became my norm and as far as I knew, was nothing but being drugged constantly that would appease the pain. This has been my life. All I've wanted to do is die and be rid of the excruciating pain.

Carrie has an amazing gift from God and I am blessed to have been on the receiving end of it. Thank you Carrie for this piece of heaven! I never thought I'd be pain free again. I am over-joyed beyond belief! Thank you God for bringing us together.

Carrie has the gift to bring tremendous relief to so many! She is worth every penny you will spend with these pain relieving/healing hands.

by Kristin on Body Heal Thy Self Massage Therapy
Exceptional Skill and technique

I have tried many massage therapists and many techniques. Carrie is the best! Her skill and technique are unmatched. She always knows how to work my muscles to relieve the pain and stress. Her knowledge about the body and self healing is amazing. She is an incredible person in addition to being a fabulous massage therapist. Thank you Carrie!!

by Brenda on Body Heal Thy Self Massage Therapy
Gets better every time!

I've had many massages by many therapists and Carrie is the best by far. She always knows where to find the pain and how to work it out. Every time I see her she has increased her knowledge of massage and her skills! She believes in the power of the body to heal itself and I love that! She is fabulous!

by Lois on Body Heal Thy Self Massage Therapy
Her hands are truly healing!

I love Carrie's massages because they are targeted and specific to the problem areas, such as my sinuses and lower back. She is knowledgable about body mechanics and has a sixth sense to help relieve pain and correct dysfunction--her massages are therapeutic emotionally and physically and she gives the best massage I have ever had--GO see her!!

by Norris on Body Heal Thy Self Massage Therapy

I have been working with Carrie for the past year. I remember my first massage and how I could think clearer than any other momement in my life when she was done. I was so impressed, I've sent many people to her over the past year and they have been nothing but impressed as well. My favorite meeting of every month is definitely at the mercy of her hands! Thank you so much for making me feel the way you do Carrie!

by Tim B. on Body Heal Thy Self Massage Therapy
Exceptional experience and skill

I had a chronic lower back condition that I was treating with massage therapy. My previous massage therapist moved away from the area and I asked her for a referral. She told me that when she wanted a massage she would see Carrie. So, I called Carrie and made an appointment. That was two years ago, and I now see Carrie regularly. I was talking with a friend recently and remarked that I no longer experience the lower back pain, yet I continue to see Carrie because she has also worked with me through sports-related injuries and adheres to a philosophy of helping the body heal itself. I resonate with that belief and have experienced Carrie's ability and willingness to implement that philosophy.

by Seta T on Body Heal Thy Self Massage Therapy
Carrie is just amazing!

I use massage as an ongoing way to keep my body healthy, as well as in situations of trauma, and have been using it for years with many different massage therapists during that time. I found Carrie a couple of years ago and have never looked back! When she puts her hands on you, it's like she knows exactly where the pain is without even looking for it! I don't know how she does it, but my body thanks her. And she's an awesome person too! Our sessions fly by because she is always so gracious and pleasant. And I always feel better. Thank you Carrie!

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