It's definitely been a long 4 months hasn't it? Whether you've been working, teaching kids, taking care of sick family, loving the down time (Introverts!), hating the down time (extroverts!), it seems like 2020 has lasted for 5 years!

We've all experienced additional or new stresses in our lives. And we all know stress isn't good for the body! It releases Cortisol, which triggers our fight or flight mechanisms, which causes damage to our bodies.

relax and de-stress

The role of cortisol in the body diagram illustration

Some of us may have been in fight or flight this entire 4 months.  We don't want that right?

I am open again for a blissfully relaxing massage (or to get those knots out) and would love to help you lower your cortisol levels.  As well as give you a break from the family, some alone time, some quiet YOU time, and some time to connect with your body, some time to breathe and dive in deep.

I got my first post quarantine massage today and I cried. I needed to release some things, and a safe, clean massage space with a caring practitioner is just the place to do that.

I know things are still unsure with covid-19, but I am doing all I can to keep a super sanitized massage space as well as a peaceful space for you to come to and relax... release... renew.

I look forward to seeing you soon!