90 minute massage is always better

Did you know I give a 90 minute massage as well as 60 minutes? I know you love your 60 minutes so just think how much more you’d love your 90 minutes!

Are  you thinking a 90 minute massage is too much of a splurge? I mean, you hardly have time in your hectic schedules for 60 minutes right?

Let me tell you why you should always get a 90 minute massage.

  1. When I give a 60 minute massage I get a chance to touch on all parts of your body for 90 minute massagesure! But, if you had particularly tight neck and shoulders, or are having sciatic pain in your glutes or legs, or cramping in your calves, there’s nt enough time to work on those tough areas, get them to release and then get to everything else. So you may leave still feeling like your pains have been untreated.
  2. On the other hand, if we just focus on those tough areas to make sure to get them released, then the rest of the body feels left out. And the rest of the body doesn’t get the chance to integrate with the changes we’ve affected in the trouble spots.
  3. Did you know how long it takes many people to just relax and calm down once they are on the massage table? Maybe you’re a pro at relaxing, but most people aren’t. They usually rush to their appointments, come in at the last second possible, then hurry up and undress and climb under the sheets, heart still racing, mind still spinning from work, and the drive and the parallel parking drama!  Finally, about 30 minutes through they start to relax. And the massage is half way over! Darn it! If only they’d booked a 90 minute massage instead of a 60 minute, then they could really let go.
  4. A 90 minute massage is only $30 more than a 60. That’s like one less night at the beer garden, or 1 less night at the movie theater per month. That’s less than your monthly budget for Starbucks and money way better spent than drinking sweet, sugary, caffeine filled drinks.
  5. Massage is NOT a splurge whether it’s a 60 or 90 minute massage! Massage is preventative health care. Massage keeps your body in good working order. It relaxes your mind and calms your Central Nervous System. It promotes a mind/body connection. It helps keep you flexible to avoid injury and heal easier from injury. How is that a splurge? I know some people never slow down! They don’t ever take time to just sit and relax. And many people don’t get to experience the benefit of having someone take care of the for 5 minutes, much less 90. You owe it to yourself, and your health to lay down on this table and be taken care of!
  6. It takes you just as long to get here for 60 minutes as for 90 minutes, so you might as well get the best bang for your buck!
  7. You are worth it! You are absolutely worth spending $100 for a 90 minute massage. You’d spend that for a new outfit, or a night on the town. Do those have the lasting benefits of massage? Nope!

So book yourself a 90 minute massage, let me pamper and take care of you at least once per month. Your body and increased health with thank you for it!