High Stress Jobs need Massage

It’s been brought to my attention recently, the risks to the health of our Law Enforcement men and women. Many of these health risks are due to having a very high stress job with a lack of tools or knowledge on how to manage the stress.  My easy conclusion to this is that  people with high stress jobs need massage.  Of course, there are other things too, but massage is a nice, easy way to start!

The Health Facts of the High Stress Jobs in Law Enforcement

Studies have been done linking the daily stress of Law Enforcement to obesity, insomnia, suicide, cancer, and, due to shift work (working outside the normal 9-5 work day, usually starting and/or ending in darkness), metabolic syndrome which includes Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, insulin resistance and stroke.

When comparing law enforcement personnel  to the general population of the same age range, law enforcement are found to have significantly higher percentage of hypertension, and are less likely to know they have hypertension than their counterparts.

Another study showed that compared to 32% of the general population, law enforcement personnel who are obese is at 40% and those with metabolic syndrome is at 25% compared to 18.7%.

Principal investigator, John Violanti, PhD, a professor of social and preventive medicine in the UB School of Public Health and Health Professions explains that “The police culture doesn’t look favorably on people who have problems. Not only are you supposed to be superhuman if you’re an officer, but you fear asking for help.”

In general they are not supportive of preventative health care or mental health care. In fact, going for counseling might put their job in jeopardy, risk their financial status and peer ridicule.

This is why law enforcement personnel are great referrals to us for massage!

We can help and it’s confidential! The art of massage can help lower their blood pressure, manage stress by reducing cortisol levels, which can also help with abdominal obesity.

We can help them sleep better by helping them relax, provide them with soothing aromatherapy essential oils, and talk to them about stress reducing techniques such as meditation, breath work, exercise, visualization, etc.

People with high stress jobs need massage, especially if their jobs aren’t supportive of helping them with stress management. Please send any Law Enforcement men and women you know and love our way.  We promise to take good care of them!

We are offering 10% discounts on all massages for local law enforcement as an appreciation for them and all they do, and to support their health and well-being.