Massage as preventative healthcare!

II have such a gratifying job! When people walk out of my office, telling me they feel so much better than when they came in, or they can move their neck, or their stress level has decreased significantly, I feel so happy and accomplished. Using massage as preventative healthcare not only helps you, but it makes my day and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to help people like I do.

My goal in my business is to be able to help more people heal naturally, and to see the benefits of practicing massage as preventative healthcare, rather than what I like to call, reactive healthcare.

In the state of the country right now, healthcare is a back and forth yo-yo, depending on who’s in charge. Instead of reacting to what’s going to happen and what benefits we might lose or gain or whatever, what if we focused on what we CAN control?

There is no one size fits all healthcare plan. What’s good for some people is not going to be good for others.  For me, a person who doesn’t ever visit the Dr., being forced to buy insurance or pay a fee doesn’t fit my lifestyle.

As I choose to spend my money on preventative healthcare, like massages, chiropractic care, a gym membership, organic foods, various kinds of alternative healers, and Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils to support my health, those fees or health insurance premiums I won’t use, really cut into my healthcare budget.

I say all this, not to start a discussion about what is the right insurance plan and policy, but to discuss WHAT YOU CAN DO, no matter what the political yo-yo has brought our way at this moment.

How can you take care of yourself and stay above the wellness line? What can you do to avoid the rising cost of medication? What can you do to avoid those high deductibles? What can you do so that you don’t have to worry about all the pre-existing conditions?

You already know the answers to these things. But isn’t it time to start putting these into practice so we can take control of our own healthcare?

  • Eat well. God given foods. Use food as medicine. Buy Organic. NO low or no fat foods. Cut down on processed foods. Shop on the outside of the store. Cut back on sugar.

massage as preventative healthcare

  • Exercise often! Take walks. Stay healthy by staying fit. If you’re overweight, lose some! It’s so important. Your spine will thank you!
  • Meditate to reduce the stress in your life. Quiet your mind.  The mind/body connection is so strong! Your mind will manifest dis-ease in your body if you don’t take care of it.
  •  Sleep well every day! Have a hard time sleeping? I have an oil for that! Let’s talk.
  • Make good choices.  Again…mind body connection is strong.
  • Get massages regularly. Massage as preventative healthcare keeps your body and it’s systems functioning well. Avoid over use or fatigue by keeping up with your body work. Lessen stress by spending and hour or two every couple of weeks taking care of you!
  • Go to therapy or seek some kind of help for whatever vice you may have, or whatever insecurities, or emotions are holding you back. Those create dis-ease too.
  • Use Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils to support all your bodies systems and to change brain patterns. They really work! You can change negative habits or things holding you back by smell! Please contact me to talk about making this natural, healing lifestyle change. Independent distributor #3751114

There are many ways I can help you to be proactive in your healthcare, including using massage as preventative healthcare.  Let’s talk! Come in for your next massage or lets get a coffee. I want to help!

I want us to focus on healing naturally and not worrying about the other stuff. Let’s spend our money getting better before the disease strikes. Or if it already has, let’s talk about what you can do to support it. I have many ideas, referrals and a good ear for listening.

Wishes of love and health.