Mind-Body-Emotional Connection

I feel like if I could explain the importance of the Mind-Body-Emotional Connection, in words, as deeply as I feel it, know it and have experienced it, I’d be wealthy beyond imagining. Mind-Body-Emotional Connection

Everyone would want to rub my head to get some of what I know in my heart to be true. I will try to explain it as best I can. Some of it may sound a bit weird and be way out of your comfort zone. Some of it may be old news to you and as comfortable as a cozy bed. This is what I know from my own personal experience, intuition,  about the mind-body-emotional connection, and why I call my business Body Heal Thyself Massage Therapy.

I am not saying that if you get massages you will be magically healed, as with Harry Potters wand; though I do have some great stories under my belt.  This article is more about mindfulness and experiencing  a mind-body-emotional connection, that getting in touch with your body regularly, can help you to experience more frequently. Massage is also, not the only way to accomplish this, and I’ve provided you with links to some of my trusted colleagues/caretakers, that help me along my healing journey.

It’s totally a journey.  I wish I could go back from the beginning and do a timeline from the first natural healing experience I had and show you how it’s snowballed into this amazing path, not only of healing physically, which is what I had hoped for, but emotionally, and mentally as well, without that being the intention.

I’ll be honest that, at times, it has been painful.  Not physically usually, because I am not highly tolerant of pain and do not like to participate in therapies that are physically painful, but it’s been emotionally painful, or at least emotionally challenging. But when the student is ready, the teacher appears, so they say, and you never know how it’s going to come about.

Again, this is what I intuitively know and have experienced, rather than a compilation of links to studies that can prove what I’m saying.  This is me and my beliefs as pure, raw and “Me” as they get.

So… mind-body-emotional connection. Why is it important?

Our bodies have been through a lot in our lifetimes. Even when we were small, we still experienced many things.  Traumas, physical or emotional. Parents leaving, permanently or just for vacation. Birth. (This is a traumatic experience for sure, if you think about it.  Leaving the safety, quiet and comfort of your mothers womb to enter into the world where it’s bright and loud. Then have your life source to that amazing woman cut off, and being left to survive on your bodies own inner workings for the first time. Possibly to be taken away from Mom to an incubator, or maybe even to another family.) Talk about trauma!

I also believe we even come into this life carrying things from past lives; unresolved issues that keep coming with us until we figure them out.  You don’t need to agree with me on this, to continue reading. That’s not what this article is about.

The point is, all these trauma’s are stored in our bodies, whether it be in the organs, the tissues, the skeletal structure, the Central Nervious Systems (CNS), and they can stay there until released. The catch is we may not always even know they are there. We may have an idea that, for some reason, we can’t seem to have a healthy intimate relationship, or our back is always hurting, or we can’t sleep at night. We might know there is something amiss. But we don’t know what to do about it, or maybe all the things we’ve tried have not worked.  Maybe we’ve turned to prescription medication to help.  Maybe surgery. Maybe we’ve just given up and decided we’ll always be in pain.

When you’re getting in touch with your inner self, and connecting all the pieces of you through massage, energy work, meditation, breathing techniques, aromatherapy, color therapy, etc., then you are allowing your body to integrate, reach deeply into the core of you, and get to know who you really are and what’s really holding you back.  When we get in touch this way, we open ourselves up to the miracle of giving the body the ability to self-correct and heal itself. It’s an amazing process.

One case in point. I’ve got many.

I began seeing the chiropractor, Dr. Jacob Fletcher of Well Being Chiropractic, who works with the members of my gym, Cross Fit Deco.  My neck had been killing me and I knew it was way out of whack. We took some X-rays and I got to see exactly where 4 of my cervical vertabrea were not working properly, so I purchased an intesive, (the first 6 weeks were 3 times per week)  therapeutic 12 week package from him and we began work to start correcting this problem. (Luckily I wasn’t to the point of it being too late to fix it.)

During the 12 weeks, as my CNS began to reset itself, I noticed while doing squats at the gym, that my hip flexors weren’t working properly – they weren’t firing-  so when I was doing squats the wrong muscles were engaging and I wasn’t having the power I could’ve had.  So I stared asking my hip flexors, (actually talking to them) “What are you holding onto? What do you need to let go of to begin to function properly?” And I listened.

While working that day and intentionally trying to engage my hip flexors, a memory from the 4th grade about my behavior to my dance partner for a Cinco de Mayo dance came to mind. That memory has shamed me since that day, 34 years ago, and the emotion I have had around that memory all these years has been so incredibly intense and painful to me.

As I sat with that memory I felt an “unwinding” (literally) in my hip and a “letting go” so powerful that I had a new freedom of movement in my hips!  And the most incredible thing was that the shame and intensity of the memory disappeared!  I mean, GONE!  I no longer cry when I think of it. I no longer feel guilty when I think of it.  I am also, no longer afraid to go dancing! I didn’t even know that was why I was so trepidatious about dancing.  See…the mind-body-emotional connection? The mind remembers a memory, the emotional reaction to that memory is intense and causes a physical, bodily limitation. Wow!

The physical result of this (which if you can feel me energetically, you’ll be able to tell) isn’t nearly as exciting as the emotional aspect of it, but important all the same, is that I can now fire my hip flexors and am in the process of training them how to work again – or maybe for the first time.  I can now squat over a porta potty. I’ve never been able to do that before. HAHA! It was physically impossible for me.

This is the power of a mind-body-emotional connection.

I took no medication.  I had no talk therapy session. I had no surgery. I had no physical therapy, (though I know of a great one when you need one).   I just got really in touch with my body and let it reset itself, talk to me, and heal itself to amazing and surprising results.

If you’ve kept reading this far, thank you. This is Me.  My beliefs, my values, my life.  I’m super passionate about natural healing and finding ways to share that with the people in my life.

There are some things I personally can help you with, and some things I can’t.  But one thing I can help you with, for sure, is helping you get in touch with your mind-body-emotional connection, if you’ll let me.  And my suggestion would be, the more frequent you can do this the better. Come in for a monthly massage (at least). Tell me you want to get really connected and we’ll cater your massage to help you do so.  You’ll get connected anyway, but when you focus with intentionality, the results will be amazing. More centering, honoring and purposeful. Deeper.

Leaving you with wishes for health and love.