Monthly Massages! Get on a schedule

Monthly massages are good for both of us!

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly massages times booked out regularly, in advance are more important now than ever!

I have a lot of new clients lately, which I am so grateful for, and SO many of them have come from referrals from my existing clients, which means the world to me! My clients really have helped me grow into the successful business I desire to be. Because of this, I have implemented a new referral policy to thank them for their help. $20 off your next massage for any referral who books with me!
Monthly Massages

People are more efficient when we’re on schedules. Even for massage.

Let’s talk about why this is good for both of us.

For you, regularly scheduled massages would make sure that time doesn’t just slip away from you, which is what happens in busy lives. And you know how important monthly massages are! You’d get your massage right on time, helping with your preventative healthcare routines, keeping you in tip top workout shape, keeping your stress and anxiety levels at a minimum, and helping you to make sure you’re taking care of  YOU! As well as getting you in at the time that works best for your schedule.

For me, if you had your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly massages booked out, I could rest easier knowing that I’m being able to see those clients who have made me into a successful business, in a timely manner. I could also plan my gym time, and friends and family time a bit easier. It would be a win win for both of us!

I can make it easier for you to book multiple appointments. I have the ability to book you the second Thursday of the month at noon, or every other Monday at three. Whatever your pleasure!
Let me know next time you come in, or call me, and we’ll get it set up!

In the meantime, make sure you’re on the schedule in the next few weeks. Evening and weekend appointments are booked out about 2 weeks now. Claim your space!