Well, I’m off to vacation in 9 days!  I’ll be gone for three weeks to Europe and I’m so excited! Not only to travel and see new places, but to rest. I am just sitting here thinking of how vacation is important for healing your mind and body, and for recharging your soul! It’s so important to make sure to practice loads of self care in our lives. How are you doing with practicing self care?

practicing self care
While I’m working hard this last month and all my appointments have been booked up, I did not overwork myself like I usually do before vacation, so that feels really good. I’ve definitely done a better job of practicing self care pre-vacation, and not being so  fearful about finances, so I’ve started the healing process ahead of time, rather than running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, which has been my past M.O.

Whether I’m doing relaxing Swedish massage or digging in with Deep Tissue massage, my job is very physical, so I need to practice a lot of self care to be able to keep going.  I talk to my clients about practicing self care all the time and then, I don’t do as much as I should! Does that sound familiar to you? Life is busy! I have two businesses to take care of, dogs, workouts, friendships to participate in, family time, etc.. See how easy it is to forget to be good about self care?

Here’s what happened a couple of months ago when I let life get the best of me and stopped practicing self care.

I was working like crazy, letting my clients set my schedule, which meant I hadn’t been to the gym for a while. I hadn’t been to the chiropractor in 5 weeks or to see my massage therapist. I was trying to fit everything in to every day. I was staying up too late and not eating at proper meal times. It was  all just too much! I bent down one day to feed my dogs and my back locked up on me! It hadn’t locked on me in almost  two years since I started going to Cross Fit Deco. I was so bummed!

As I was getting my emergency massage to loosen up my back, I realized that I had done this to myself by not taking the time for self care. When was the last time I’d done Yoga? When did I meditate last? Everything had fallen apart and I needed to get back on track.

That was in May and I’ve done much better since then. I’m back to the gym, back to regular massages and chiropractic. I’m going to bed earlier and eating at appropriate times. I’m spending time alone and recharging which is a big thing for me. I’m an introvert and I don’t recharge by being around a lot of people or always being on the go. I have to honor that in me.

I think vacation is the best kind of self care! I get to honor that free spirit that doesn’t like to stay put for too long and that believes there’s just so many amazing things to see in the world.  I’m planning on just going with the flow; not packing too many things into each day. I’m going to take in the local culture and fill up!  Do you think of vacation as self care? Are you taking the time your workplace gives you? If not, why not? I truly believe vacation is important for healing.

This Darren Daily video was the “daily” text on Friday http://bit.ly/2hksrdV.  I was shocked to hear the statistics on unused vacation time in the US! It’s ridiculous how many people don’t take their paid time off.

There’s also some great info for my Cross Fitters, and other athletes in the video on the way some Olympians like to train their bodies, and the rest they need to perform at the highest level. It’s a short video so check it out, then schedule your vacation and self care time.

And while you’re taking that vacation, come in for a deep tissue massage to get those kinks out and get new blood flowing into the muscles to help you heal your mind, body and soul! Just remember I’m not back to work until September 15th.