The Amazing Raindrop Technique

Have you heard of the Raindrop Technique? If not, get excited because there are amazing benefits coming your way!

The Raindrop Technique uses the highest quality, purest essential oils by Young Living along the spine and vita flex points of the feet, along with gentle massage techniques to assist the body to find balance.

Essential oils are basically plant medicine. As most of us are aware, everything in life has an energetic frequency, and this is what creates the response in the Raindrop Technique. The energetic frequency of the essential oils helps clear blocked energy centers (chakras) and can either promote relaxation, or enhance energy depending on what your body needs.

The Raindrop Technique has been known to “alleviate symptoms of scoliosis, kyphosis, and other back ailments while strengthening the immune system”,

says D. Gary Young, creator of the Raindrop Technique and Young Living essential oils. The reason for this is because viruses can lay dormant on the spine. When applied along the spine, the oils of the Raindrop Technique are absorbed and attack the viruses, which assists in bringing the body back into alignment.

While I am new to this technique, I am not new to massage or essential oils.

I’ve been practicing massage for 1o years, and using Young Living oils for 3 years in every aspect of my life. The oils have a tremendously powerful energy, and help support the physical, mental and emotional body in natural ways I’ve not found previously. Additionally, it helped me break free of limiting beliefs and grow my business quickly after struggling for a long time.

Recently I decided to give the Raindrop Technique a try and loved the results.  Personally experiencing the technique, it was peaceful, relaxing, and I zoned out completely. It helped me release some things I was holding onto in my body and I decided I needed to be able to share this treatment with the world.

Using Raindrop as a massage therapist allows the client the deep muscle relaxation without force of deep tissue massage. The oils penetrate deeply into the muscles doing the relaxing work for me. Many massage therapists, chiropractors and patients are amazed at the results they’ve seen using this technique!

The various oils used, such as basil, marjoram (one of my favorite oils to use in the massage room), and cypress are proven muscle relaxants, pain relievers, anti inflammatories, antispasmodics, antibacterial, immune system supporters, and  circulation improvers.

How do you know if the Raindrop Technique is right for you or someone in your life?

If you suffer from chronic neck or back pain, auto immune disorders, high levels of stress, depression or anxiety, severe illnesses, or low immune systems, or if you need deep relief but don’t like the heavy pressure of a deep tissue massage, then Raindrop is right for you! Schedule your appointment for a massage with Raindrop Technique session now!