I know everyone is talking about essential oils, and if you’ve been around me, you’ve probably said, “Carrie, you smell so good! What is that?” because I am always wearing oils. You’re wondering what’s all the rage? Don’t they just smell good? Why essential oils instead of perfume? I’ll tell you why… they’re life changing! No perfume has ever changed my life, increased my productivity, increased the income in my business, enhanced my mood, but my oils have! And they continue to help me thrive!

So, of course, they smell good, but it’s more than that.  Essential oils are made from the life blood of the plant they are distilled from.  An essential oil is the part of the plant that keeps it protected from harm. The oil is steam distilled or cold-pressed (extracted) from the plant, then bottled to sell for use for our health! Again, for our health!! BUT… you must make sure you are buying the best quality.

Since there are so many on the market I’ll share with you my reasons for using the oils I choose to use in my practice and for my life, Young Living.

In the U.S. for an essential oil to be called essential oil, it need only have 5% of the actual oil in the bottle. So what that means is that some companies will put a little bit of EO in the bottle and fill the rest with “fragrances” or other additives to top it off. (Fragrance is a word used companies can use claiming trade secret that keeps us from knowing what ingredients are actually in products.)

Or it may mean that some companies will use alcohol or other methods when extracting the oil to increase the yield they get from the plant, so now you’ve got chemicals in your oils. So if companies aren’t putting 100% pure essential oils into their bottles, then what are we actually inhaling and putting on our bodies? This is my concern. And while we can’t get rid of all the environmental toxins out there, we can control what we use in our homes and on our bodies to support our health and wellness.

Young Living has a Seed to Seal promise that says from the seed that’s put into the ground to the seal on the bottle, there is nothing but 100% pure oils or ingredients, farmed naturally and ethically, extracted and distilled properly, for a purpose, not a profit! This is important when you’re wondering Why Essential Oils, because what’s the point of using oils instead of medications or over the counter products that contain chemicals, if the oils we use have chemicals in them?

And because essential oils are used for not only our physically health, but they also evoke feelings, help control emotions, calm mental states, support the body’s many systems, immune, digestive, integumentary (skin), uplift grumpy moods, help us sleep better, and so much more, we need pure products that work!

I’d used a few oils here and there in my business before using Young Living and I didn’t think they worked, and now I know why! Since I got my Young Living starter kit to use for my clients, my life has done a 180 degree change, and my clients love them! And I love making a difference in peoples lives and helping them to feel better with preventative health care methods, including essential oils, and massage.

Why Essential Oils

I share these oils, and use them in my business because they are the real deal! They are changing health, lives, wealth, motivation, relaxation, purpose, abundance, everything!  This is Why Essential Oils! Ask what oils can help you in your next massage or sign up as a Young Living member to bring these amazing wellness bottles into your own home!

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