Building your Covid-19 resistant immune system

In this Covid-19 filled world, there are so many questions about how to stay healthy and be as Covid-19 resistant as possible. In the past couple of weeks everyone is talking about boosting your immune system, mostly as a lead in to selling you a product. I understand the push because I use Young Living oils and supplements, and they're definitely helpful in that regard.

But what I really appreciate is an approach from someone I trust 100% who's devoted his life work to changing the health of the world through food, so I want to share a podcast with you!

As a massage therapist, I tend to rely upon natural medicines and remedies rather than Western medicine doctors and pharmaceuticals, to keep my body healthy. I've been following Dr Mark Hyman for quite a while now as I love the functional medicine approach to health.

Dr. Mark is a functional medicine doctor at The Cleveland Clinic for many years and the author of several books, and contributor to the documentary of a few years ago "Fed Up".

In his practice, he has been able to cure over 90% of his clients diseases and aliments with food! What he realized through this is that he needed to go to the source of our collective problem, which is our food source, policy, etc, so he is working on changing our food system from the top down.

Recently he released an amazing book called Food Fix, and "believes that food has the power to change our most important global issues – transforming individual, environmental, economic, societal, and global health, and everything in between".

building immune system

This podcast I'm sharing with you today is where he talks with Dr. Elizabeth Boham, an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practioner, about what we can do today, with our diets, to become more Covid-19 resistant.  But these dietary tips are also so good for our daily lives and health even without Covid being in the picture.

This is important information because, as you'll hear, most of the adult population of America is immune compromised and only about 12% of us are metabolically heathly!!! What???

That means that most of us have 1 or more chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity.  I believe the stats are that 40% of us have 2 or more of these problems!

This is a huge failing on our American diet and is taxing our healthcare system to an extent we can not support at the rate we're going.

Listen to the podcast and you'll hear some staggering statistics within the first 6 minutes. And as they go on, they give great additions to the diet like Zinc, Vitamin D, onions, capers, herring, Green Tea, and many more! And they explain to us how the body works, and why each of these are so helpful for a building a healthy immune system.

We need to eat better, and stop eating those foods that are so damaging to our bodies that cause inflammation, like sugar (which is my vice, I'll admit).

Using a functional medicine approach, using food as medicine, is the best way to heal our bodies!

This podcast gives so many great food recommendations, supplements and tips on what to eat to live a healthier life.  I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoy Dr. Mark.  I find his work fascinating and his podcast extremely informative.  Enjoy!

Then come in a get a massage, which also plays a role in a healthy immune system. We've been living in an in credibly stressful world right now, and we need to do all we can to reduce the cortisol flowing though our bodies.

Wishes for love and health!

Carrie Bohlmann