How can aromatherapy help you?


As you may know from my last post, I am offering aromatherapy as an add-on to any massage for only five dollars. But do you know what aromatherapy can do to help you? What exactly IS aromatherapy? And why have I added it to my practice?

I’m always searching for ways to help you feel better and to make a difference in your life. I personally do so many different things in my own life to maintain health, such as Cross Fit, natural supplements, color and crystal therapy, personal growth, et. al. So when I started using essential oils in my life, and they had such an amazing effect on my mood and well being, I knew I had to offer them to you.

Essential oils are the “life blood” of the plant.

Aromatherapy uses the essential oils derived from the plant, the volatile liquid, which is used to protect the plant itself from bacteria, fungi and viruses. If the essential oils can protect the plant, why can’t it help you as well? And since our sense of smell is directly connected to our emotions, the aroma of these essential oils can help to create an emotionally relaxing state of being. Or an emotionally uplifting state! Or productive, energized, reflective–whatever you’re in the mood for.

When we inhale something, we are actually taking molecules into our body, therefore making aromatherapy a form of natural medicine. In your massage, we can use the oils a number of different ways and for different reasons. A consultation beforehand on what’s going on for you that day will help me choose which oils will benefit you most. Then, I can diffuse them into the room, apply them to the massage cream, make a specific blend for a problem area, as well as have you inhale them. So many choices and so much help to be had, AND it smells amazing!

I know you are going to love adding aromatherapy to your next massage!

It can be used with any type of massage: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral…anything! Book here to schedule your next massage today and let me know when you arrive that you want to add Aromatherapy.*

*Available at my Joie de Vivre location only.