Cupping Massage Comes to Body Heal Thyself Massage Therapy

Cupping massage caught a lot of public attention in the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio, when Michael Phelps showed up to compete with circular bruises covering his back and shoulders.

And then he won 5 gold medals and a silver! I mean… what more can you say? It was exciting to see, and have attention brought to it back then.  And now, I’m even more excited because I can announce that cupping massage is available at Body Heal Thyself Massage Therapy! Hanna is trained and offering cupping massage to our clients. It’s an amazing addition to help keep your body moving.

What is cupping massage?

Cupping originated in China thousands of years ago and is used to move the energy/Qi/Chi in and through the body. Its purpose is to bring blood flow to the specific areas where the cups are applied, improving circulation and loosening up muscles and joints.

In cupping massage, therapeutic cups are placed on ischemic or dry and overused areas of the body which are having trouble releasing tension. Suction is applied to the cups which pulls the troubled, ischemic tissue upward into the cups.

Unlike a regular massage, where pressure is placed downwards on the muscles, cups work by pulling blood and tissues towards the surface. The more blood you have in an area, the better that area works as there is more oxygen being circulated. Therefore, it will help tight muscles become more pliable and you feel relief.

Who would benefit from a cupping massage?

Cupping massage can provide much needed relief for many people. Not only for athletes, but also for those who have repetitive motion careers or lifestyles like hair dressers, computer workers, dancers, writers, weightlifters, and construction workers.

As cupping can help reduce scar tissue, deep muscle knots, coughs, headaches, and emotional tension that is stored in your tissues, it seems that there’s no one who couldn’t benefit from a cupping massage.

Book your appointment with Hanna, now, to experience this treatment and feel like a gold medal winner!

Be sure to mention areas with bruising, soreness, burns, open injuries and hematomas before receiving cupping massage. Those with underlying health conditions should check with their medical doctor before considering adding cupping to their massage sessions.