Treat your body like an Olympian: Alternative Therapies and the Olympics

Olympians are using many alternative therapies to keep their bodies in top athletic shape.

The Olympics are back: are you watching? I’ve been able to catch a few events here and there. Don’t you get the chills when the gymnasts land a hard trick? I love it!

Another thing I love seeing are the marks from Cupping Therapy on some of the athletes’ bodies. As you know, I am a fan of many different kinds of alternative therapies, and I’ve tried this one as well.

Cupping originated in China thousands of years ago and is used to move the energy/Qi/Chi in the body. Its purpose is to bring blood flow to the specific areas where the cups are applied, improving circulation and loosening up muscles and joints. It makes sense if you think about it:

The more blood flow you have to an area of the body, the more effective that area can work.

That area of the body receives more oxygen, not only to fuel the muscles, but to promote healing.

There’s no hard and fast evidence that cupping works, but it’s been around and used for a loooong time, and I’m a proponent of anything that doesn’t involve medication, surgery or additional trauma to the body. Cupping may leave bruise-like circles, but it actually doesn’t hurt.

Some of the other alternative therapies Olympians use are Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Relaxation Therapies, Mindfulness Techniques, and, of course, Massage Therapy.

I’ve read some Olympians get massages at least once per week.

There may be a lot of questions on whether all of these therapies have any kind of positive effects, but I know we definitely can rely on Massage Therapy to help. Massage Therapy is not just for relaxation, (though it’s good for that, too): it helps with injury rehab, relaxing those overworked, fatigued muscles, promoting faster healing, eases the stress and nervousness of competition, and helps these athletes sleep better.

You may not be an Olympian, but your body deserves to be treated as if it is. Take care of your body. It is precious. I will help you with that. Click here to book your next massage. You’re all winners to me!