Untangling the Web of Fascia

So many people lately are talking about fascia.


It’s kind of the “in” thing in massage therapy right now.  Why is it so popular? If you understand what fascia is and how it works in your body you’ll see why people want Myofascial Release techniques in their massage.

Fascia is connective tissue beneath the skin that attaches, supports, and stabilizes the muscles and organs in the body. Fascia also encloses each individual muscle and organ. The collagen fibers are oriented in the same direction as the muscle fibers they cover, allowing for proper, uninhibited stretching and movement.

The entire body is covered with fasica from head to toe without interruption. When fascia loses stiffness, becomes too stiff, becomes inflamed, or when trauma has caused adhesions or scar tissue, the fascia ceases to move smoothly, and effectively; Range of Motion (ROM) becomes limited and pain and restrictions occur.

Picture a spider web.

When you pull on one thread at the top corner, the entire structure shifts, right? So, if there is a restriction in one of those spider web threads (say it doesn’t go back to neutral) the whole web is out of alignment. When you apply this web picture to the fascia in your body, you can see why when it is restricted it causes pain and loss of ROM.
Myofascial release is a form of massage therapy I offer. It works to release these fascial restrictions. I will slowly apply sustained, gentle pressure to the fascia, allowing the “threads of the web” to release. Pain will ease, and allow mobility to come back into the body.

This is just another way I can help you to feel better, and be more productive in your life. Please, let me know how else I can help you, and book your appointment for your next body tune up now!