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Healing Touch

I was sitting in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) today, holding a sweet, preemie baby, thinking about how grateful I am to be able to provide healing touch to this little guy. He's only 1 week old, 6 weeks...

Sports Massage

Looking for a Sports Massage Therapist? Body Heal Thyself has a new one! Her name is Hanna Kim, and she's Ah-May-Zing! Encyclopedia.com says "Sports massage is a form of bodywork geared toward participants in athletics. It is used to help...

Best Massage in Denver

I am so excited to announce a new face at Body Heal Thyself Massage Therapy! I've added another massage therapist to provide you with the best massage in Denver, in a more timely manner. You may have noticed Body Heal...

I’m Sick! Can I still come in for my massage?

I hope this message finds you all well and healthy! It's snowing but I'm feeling motivated to do something productive other than laundry, so why not blog? I've been getting this question a lot lately so let's talk about it....

Discount Massage Gift Certificate

Does it seem like time just gets away from you, and there's not enough hours in the day to finish your shopping and wrapping?  No time for an awesome gift? You're in luck, because you can still give an amazing gift with...

$15 discount on your massage

Happy holidays to everyone! I hope you're all in festive moods! If not, come in and see me for a massage but first, see below how to receive a $15 discount on your massage. Let me help relieve some of your stress,...

Why essential oils? It's more than they just smell good

I know everyone is talking about essential oils, and if you've been around me, you've probably said, "Carrie, you smell so good! What is that?" because I am always wearing oils. You're wondering what's all the rage? Don't they just...

Practicing Self Care

Well, I'm off to vacation in 9 days!  I'll be gone for three weeks to Europe and I'm so excited! Not only to travel and see new places, but to rest. I am just sitting here thinking of how vacation...

90 minute massage is always better

Did you know I give a 90 minute massage as well as 60 minutes? I know you love your 60 minutes so just think how much more you'd love your 90 minutes! Are  you thinking a 90 minute massage is too...

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Swedish Massage                                                 starts at $90

Deep Tissue/Myofascial Release/Trigger Point     starts at $90

Pregnancy Massage                                              starts at $90

Lymphatic Drainage Massage                               starts at $90

CranioSacral Therapy                                           starts at $100

Raindrop Therapy                                                 starts at $120

Abdominal Detox Massage/Chi Nei Tsang            starts at $100

2 hour Combo Massages                                      starts at $175

House Call/Outcall/Delivery /Mobile Massage      starts at $140